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Standard in ABONA-ERP

A DMS (Document Management System) for the electronic capture, processing, administration and archiving of documents such as e-mails, invoices, contracts etc.

The ABONA "All-in" Philosophy

No more switching between different programs. And also no endless Excel lists, which are not always available and up-to-date for everyone anyway. ABONA-ERP combines the management of all company departments in a single system.

All processes from material procurement, purchasing, production, distribution and sales, warehousing, service and support, finance and controlling are linked together. Available transparently to all employees in real time.

Master data management

Digital data management of customers, suppliers, products / services
Basic settings for

  • Languages
  • Tax rates
  • Units
  • Fonts
  • Text modules
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment targets
  • Form templates etc.
  • NEW The ABC customer analysis is set up in four areas and comes with evaluation, analysis and reports, which enables a great overview. The USP of the ABONA ABC analysis is, that you can choose your evaluation criteria, which are important for you individually.
Order management

Central order management customer / supplier

  • Calculation
  • Offer
  • Order confirmation
  • Ddelivery note
  • Invoice / partial and collective invoice
  • Credit notes
  • Recurring orders
  • Collective processing / printing
  • Different currencies
  • Commission invoicing for field service

Multi-client bookings
Mutual calculations between branches / subsidiaries are automatically created and posted after verification. Even across national borders.

Financial accounting

Fully integrated financial accounting with detailed rights management

  • Double-entry accounting
  • Primanota
  • Summary and balance lists
  • Account sheets
  • G/L account operations
  • Batch postings
  • Balance carryovers
  • Posting templates
  • Posting periods
  • VAT evaluation
  • BWA
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Journal
  • Year-end closing

Banking import function
Online collection of account statements and automatic posting of recognized documents.

Works with different currencies (flexible exchange rate setting)

Forwarding agent module

We speak Logistic!
Developed by logistics experts for logistics experts.

Digital control of complex transport processes. Fully integrated in ABONA-ERP

  • Offer calculation
  • Transport planning / processing
  • Freight billing
  • Track & Trace
  • Route planning
  • Real-time control
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Cross-client
  • Subcontractors
  • Evaluations
  • Multilingual, etc.

More Details

Warehouse management
  • Fixed bin warehouse management and / or dynamic warehouse (chaotic),
  • Batch and/or serial number tracking
  • Minimum stock monitoring with automated order proposal
  • Location management and route optimization
  • Reservation at storage location level
  • Mobile hand scanner for order processing as well as barcode scan for the transfer of article data

Personal-Management (HR)

For optimal personnel support and administration in the company, this module includes a variety of effective functions.

  • Personal data with image archive
  • Bank and tax data
  • Employment / contract information
  • Overview of recorded hours / free time / vacation / illness
  • Central staff calendar
  • Numerous evaluations by departments and employees
  • Export function for payroll accounting or other further processing



Basically, our CRM serves to collect customer data, support sales processes and generate insights into customer behavior.

  • Storing core customer data
  • Contact person internal / external
  • Advertising consent
  • Lead management
  • Customer care
  • Customer reports
  • NEW The ABC customer analysis is set up in four areas and comes with evaluation, analysis and reports, which enables a great overview. The USP of the ABONA ABC analysis is, that you can choose your evaluation criteria, which are important for you individually.

CRM+ also integrates suppliers and ongoing business relationships and projects.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Understand the future
Minimize risks, increase efficiency, discover hidden costs.
Identify potential problems and analyze causes

ABONA show you what you want to see.
Call up the current evaluations at any time and independent of location. Any desired analysis and evaluation can be displayed visually as a dashboard.

Start now already from 30,- €

per month / workplace net plus VAT

ABONA ERP is available as Starter, Business and Premium Package

Modules Starter Business Premium
Master data management (customers / suppliers / articles)
Order management
Invoice module
Personal-Management (HR)
Financial Accounting
Forwarding module
Fleet management
Warehouse management
SCAN-Module (OCR, BarCode)
Cash module
Business Intelligence (BI)

We speak Logistic!

ABONA-ERP Forwarding agent module

Order / Dispo

  • Record and process shipments
  • Plan orders / tours / routes and plan transports
  • Tour optimization / switching
  • Visual display of tours
  • Tour data exchange with Driver-App
  • Unlimited number of customers and freight carriers
  • Kilometer and time calculation between stops
  • Evaluations of utilization / yield in real time
  • Freight exchange
  • Pallet calculation
  • Ferry booking
  • Complete cost recording (also special costs)
  • SMS driver notification

Fleet management

  • Fleet management for all types of vehicles
  • Technical data
  • MOT and service dates
  • tire condition
  • Damages
  • Insurance
  • Fuel cards
  • Client vehicles
  • Assigned orders
  • document management etc.

Direct processing of all repair and service orders with archiving and history.

Driver management

Administration of all relevant driver data such as name, address, date of birth, driver's licenses, certificates, qualifications, vacation and appointment planning, etc.

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Date of birth
  • Driver's licenses
  • Certificates
  • Qualifications
  • vacation and appointment planning
  • Assigned orders etc.

Transhipment warehouse management

  • Handling of the storage process such as storage, transfer and retrieval.
  • Bin-definition according to warehouse, row and level
  • Automatic assignment of the optimal storage-bin
  • Calculation of storage fees and storage services
  • Via the order management, the removal from storage can be initiated and the optimized route plan can be created


Order, route, position and status at a glance

Drivers and dispatchers have access to all information on tours, orders and ETA at any time.

Geofencing enables the dispatcher to monitor compliance with the route.


  • Flexibly designable digital checklists
  • Any check fields
  • No limits
  • Entered values can be viewed directly in the ERP
  • Can be adapted and used for different areas

techcheck 3 techcheck 1


Central control unit for all traffic on the site. Optimized flow of goods through efficient steering of all loading units (trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and containers) and standardization of office processes.

Dynamic tables show the current statuses of all areas belonging to the forwarding facility and activities at loading and unloading points. How many and which vehicles are waiting at the waiting points and how many shifters are still available. The data is updated in the system at each event.