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Planning. Developing. Designing.

Three things count for a good company:
„People. Products. Profits. In that order.“

Ken Goldstein

  • 1992

    Systemhaus Alber EU

  • 1998

    Systemhaus Alber GmbH

  • 2018

    Abona Deutschland

  • 2019

    Abona Ukraine

  • 2020

    Abona Poland

About Us

Abona is a company specializing in providing IT services, encompassing both software and hardware. Our history dates back to 1992, when experienced programmer Michael Alber identified the challenges faced by businesses.

Transitioning from a programmer to an entrepreneur, Michael Alber assembled a team of enthusiasts, uniting specialists in the field of software. The result of this dedication was the powerful ERP system, now known as Abona ERP. This tool stems from practical experience and a deep understanding of the real needs of entrepreneurs.

What We Do

In 2018, the company started its operations under the name Abona Deutschland, expanding its horizons into new areas. As a team of experts, Abona offers professional IT services tailored to the individual needs of the client. Our solutions are innovative, tested, and optimized for efficiency.

Abona's mission is not just to provide software; we aspire to play a role as a partner in achieving the business success of our clients. Our services are not only technologically advanced but also tailored to the real challenges faced by our clients.



with installations






in 3 countries


Proprietary developments

ERP, Apps and Tools

With heart
and passion

"Behind everything we develop and produce at ABONA Deutschland there are clever and creative people who are passionate about the company.

Only in this way can extraordinary products such as the LogiScanBox or the TruckTower be created.

For them all, only one result counts: to satisfy our customers to the highest degree."

Michael Alber, CEO