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TruckTower - The truck parking garage

The sleeping place for truck and driver

The "TruckTower" is a kind of multi-storey car park where trucks are stacked on top of each other. "People are thinking about getting the truck off the road," says managing director Leonid Kuhn. "But what happens to the driver who is woken up at night and can't get any sleep?" Behind the TruckTower is not only the parking garage.

Once parked, comfortable accommodation is available to drivers for the entire duration of the parking period. The rooms contain the usual sanitary facilities such as shower and toilet, as well as a table and a bed.

ABONA LogiScanBox

Deliver freight documents digitally

With the LogiScanBox, ABONA Germany has developed a solution for drastically reducing the time intervals between delivery and invoicing. With it, transport orders can finally be processed in real time and the greatest possible transparency of the processes can be achieved.

The ABONA LogiScanBox is always there. It does not sleep, does not get sick and does not have a holiday. She is the colleague 24/365. Always ready to digitally record the delivery receipts. With protocol and proof of scope and content.

ABONA Apps - Digital on the road

Meaningful and useful on the road

"ABONA Apps" are the optimal connection between driver / vehicle and the ABONA ERP.

Permanent exchange of information in real time. The "DriverApp" offers e.g. order, route, position and status at a glance.

The "TechCheck-App" provides flexibly designable digital checklists with any number of check fields without limitation. The values entered can be viewed directly in the ERP.

Other useful apps for the logistics sector and industry are currently being developed.