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Logistics is a maze of challenges, but with our fleet management application, it becomes child's play. Even if you have the best route plan, unforeseen situations can always arise: traffic jams, accidents, or unexpected changes. That's why we created Driver - a mobile application that allows you to stay informed and act instantly!

Simplicity in fleet management

We wanted to simplify and automate the entire process of planning and executing orders, as well as make transportation safer. With the Driver Abona application, you no longer need to make phone calls during trips - everything is under control with just a few clicks.

Intuitive order management

Driver allows you to manage orders during their execution, assigning them directly to the respective vehicle. Thanks to integrated maps and GPS, you will always know where your vehicle is and what its current status is. Tracking transportation has never been easier!

Seamless order execution

1. The dispatcher enters order data into the ABONA ERP system, defining goals, drivers, and checkpoints.
2. All data is immediately synchronized with the Driver application, ensuring full transparency.
3. The driver receives important information before departure and can easily update the order status during the trip.
4. The dispatcher can check the current status of the order at any time and receive necessary documents from the driver.
5. After completing the order, simply mark it as completed in the application.


These are just some of the features offered by Abona.

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