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In recent years, logistics has undergone a transformation towards technology and robotization.

According to a report by DHL*, logistics companies in the future will diversify their supply chains and significantly reduce CO² emissions, increasingly using alternative energy sources and automating logistical processes. Mobile robots and drones are particularly popular in automation in warehouses and manufacturing plants. They allow for precise tracking of production and inventory control. Drones will increasingly be used for transporting goods by air in warehouses.

More and more logistics companies are emphasizing the implementation of modern IT solutions in their operations, such as ERP, WMS, or TMS systems.
One such solution is the ABONA-ERP system.

What does this system offer exactly?
The ABONA-ERP system easily adapts to the processes of a transportation company, as it has advanced modules that cover everything - transportation, deliveries, cargo management, fleet management, and even real-time tracking. In addition, it offers telematics, warehouse management, and even running an online store. It also integrates with barcode scanners, QR codes, and other gadgets.

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