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  • Published on 10 April 2024

    TransLogistica 2024 Warsaw

    As a leading provider of ERP solutions specialising in transport management systems, we are pleased to invite you to explore our resolutions of logistics and supply chain management with us at Translogistica 2024 in Warsaw. 

  • Published on 08 August 2023

    NUFAM 2023 | Visit us

    Soon it will be "GET THINGS MOVING!" again and Messe Karlsruhe will be transformed into the meeting place for the commercial vehicle industry. Be part of the eighth NUFAM from 21 to 24 September 2023 and experience not only ABONA but also numerous other exhibitors and their product premieres as well as exciting programme highlights. We will show you the latest enhancements and profitable apps for the ABONA ERP system for the logistics...

  • Published on 30 May 2023

    ERP Software: Driving Business Success

    In the fast-growing logistics industry, processing big data is becoming increasingly important to companies' competitiveness. This is the right time to get involved with ABONA-ERP. ABONA integrates all aspects of business operations - finance, HR, purchasing, shipping, fleet and inventory management - on a single platform, providing numerous benefits for logistics...

  • Published on 31 January 2023


    In recent years, logistics has been rapidly developing in the technological direction and robotics. According to a DHL report*, logistics companies will diversify their supply chains and greatly reduce CO² emissions by increasingly using alternative energy sources and automating logistics processes. The use of mobile robots and drones is particularly common in robotization in warehouses and production halls. These enable precise product...

  • Published on 03 August 2022


    Just a few businesses are as capricious as logistics. Even during the best-planned route, there can be a multitude of elements that will require us to react in Real Time. Traffic jams, accidents, damage to goods, sudden changes in road traffic, congestion in processes, or sudden health problems of the driver. Not to mention the sheer volume of documents that will be needed at the various stages of the route. Fortunately, in the 21st century, thanks to...

  • Published on 04 March 2022

    Future updates in ABONA ERP 2022

    A mobile application that allows managers to access employees ' data, monitor the schedule of vacations, sick leave, and absence of employees. This automated process in a smartphone is created not only for senior positions but for all employees of the enterprise. The main advantage of HR Mobile Apps is to solve all personal issues in a short time in the mobile app and unload the HR manager...